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Raven’s Way is pleased to offer this Splendid Dodge Monroe Marsh Style Factory Decoy by Jasper Dodge, Detroit, Michigan, circa 1889 – 1891. Dodge Factory Decoys display a wide range of styles based on the period of production from 1879 to 1908. Beginning in 1885, according to Sharp & Dodge’s Detroit Decoy Dynasty, both special order St. Clair Flats and Monroe Marsh style decoys were offered to the public. The Monroe Marsh Mallard Drake, featured on pg. 139, of the Detroit Decoy Dynasty, is a very similar example to the decoy offered here. As many collectors know, as a collector of Dodge decoys I reviewed the Detroit Decoy Dynasty for Decoy Magazine, July/August, 2009, so I have a critical understanding of Dodge Decoys. This particular decoy displays Exceptionally Strong Original Paint and Fine Structural Condition. The Paint Wear around the bottom suggests that it was used on icy waters. There are also a few minor shot marks to one side. It measures 17 ½” in length, 5” in width, and 6 ¾” in height. A Wonder Example of the Monroe Marsh pattern that has been in my collection since approximately 1989.

(DX641)  Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information.

Price  $2250  plus shipping SALE PRICE $1750

Outstanding Example of a William Southard Style Red-Breasted Merganser Drake Decoy by Cameron McIntyre, New Church, Virginia, circa Early 1990s. He has studied and restored many historic decoys from the time he was  young and collectors recognize his exceptional skills, especially his ability as an artist and a carver. This Contemporary “Antique” Decoy represents an Incredible Insight into Traditional Sculptural Form and the Faithful Use of Traditional Hand Tools. The Decoy is made from Old Growth Northern White Cedar and is Painted in Oils which are worked to display a wonderfully “Aged” Patina; that Patina ultimately reflects the “reality” of the Hundred Plus Year Old Decoy. A quick reference to an Original Southard Merganser, circa late 1800s, in The Decoys of Long Island indicates Cameron’s ability creating historically important decoys with a sense of accuracy and credibility. When this decoy was displayed on Long Island, people suggested the dates were incorrect and that it should be 1890s! But Cameron invariably marks his decoys with a carved signature: “CTM” to maintain the authenticity of his work. Measurements: 18” in length, 7” in width, and 7” in height. A Wonderful Representation of an 1890s Southard Merganser.  (DX682)  Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information. Price $2000  plus shipping  SALE PRICE $1450

Red-Breasted Merganser Drake Gunning Decoy by Lyle G. Smith, Shinnecock Reservation, Long Island, New York, circa 2016. This Slightly Turned Head Merganser with a Turkey Beard Crest was recently created to serve in a Gunning Rig on Long Island, though I managed to obtain it before it hit the water. The Decoy displays Strong Original Paint, Carved Eyes and Bill, and Especially Raised Primaries with a Distinct Tail Form. The later characteristics are reflective of Smith’s continuation of the Eugene Cuffee Style with whom Smith has a traceable lineage on his Grandmother’s side. In fact, though a true carver in his own right, Lyle frequently carves extensively in the Cuffee tradition. Measurements: 16 ¾” in length, 6” in width, and 7” in height. It is Branded: “Lyle G. Smith / Shinnecock / 2016.” A Fine Native American Hunting Decoy from Long Island.

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Price  $275 plus shipping  SALE PRICE $175


Early Red-breasted Merganser attributed to Herbert Stevens Randall (1900 – 1971), Seabrook, New Hampshire, circa 1930s – 1940s. While many auction houses identify Randall’s decoys circa 1940s – 1960s, Randall worked with his father Herbert Leonard Randall, a market gunner, when he was still in his youth, and was clearly carving decoys in the early part of the century. He also continued to make gunning rigs for himself and others until his 60s and is most readily recognized for his Shorebird Decoys for use and later for the shelf. This Merganser, which we believe to have been made by Randall and clearly influenced by George Boyd, has a body made in two parts and doweled together with the Head a separate piece on a raised neck shelf with a Very Slight Turn. (Note that Randall’s later decoys had heads resting directly on the body.) The decoy has painted Tack Eyes that show a fair degree of rust; the Paint appears to be All Original and has considerable age crazing, especially on the Head. The Condition is Quite Good, though there are a few shot marks on one side and some separation to the body parts toward the rear. The decoy measures 18 ½” in length, 5 ¾” in width, and 7” in height. A Fine Red-breasted Merganser.


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