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Nice Black Duck Decoy by Douglas (Doug) Jester (1876 – 1961), Chincoteague, Virginia, circa 1930s – 1940s. Jester is a well known carver from Chincoteague on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. The Decoy displays a Fully Hand Carved with a Cotton Wood Body, Strong Original Paint with Terrific Scratch Paint on the Body. Minor Gunning Wear. Measures: 17” in length, 6” in width, and 8” in height without stand. A Great Example of a Jester Black Duck.

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Price $750 plus shipping


Very Sleek Pair of Goldeneye Decoys from the Friendship/Waldoboro area of Maine, circa 1920s. The Original Owner attributed these Decoys to George Huey of Friendship, Maine, but it is Much More Likely that a Different Carver was Influence by Huey Decoys. Other Decoys from Friendship and Waldoboro were clearly made by Other Carvers in the Huey Style, though the specific individuals have not been documented as far as we know. These Specific Goldeneye Decoys display Carved Eyes, Inletted Heads, a Sleek Design, plus Worn Original Paint with Some Remnants of Early Repaint. They also Retain their Original Rigging. Measurements: 13 ½” in length (Drake) 12 ½” (Hen), 5 ¼” in width, and 6 ½” in height (Stands Not Included). A Fine Pair of Sleek Goldeneye from the Maine Coast.


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Price  $1150 plus shipping  SALE PRICE $900

Highly Appealing Hollow Carved Cobb Island Style Swimming Brant Decoy Attributed to Steve Morey (deceased), Tuckerton, New Jersey, circa 1970s. A Rig of these “Contemporary Antique” Cobb Island Style Brant Decoys was made for Mort Hansen, a well-know New Jersey Collector, in the 1970s and most were Marked with the Morey “M”. Unfortunately, this decoy is unmarked but came with the same group of Hansen decoys obtained a few years back. There is still another marked one in my collection. This Particular Decoy displays Wonderful Form with a Slightly Turned Reaching Head, a Boldly Shaped Body, and a Split Tail Cobb Look. The Surface has a Rugged Aged Look with both Shot Holes and Nail Marks Apparent, and Even an Old Chunk of Wood Missing from the Rear. 20 ½” in length, 6” in width, and 7 ½” in height, this Decoy is truly an Example of Function and Form.  

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Price $325  plus shipping SALE PRICE $250


Original Folk Art Long Eared Owl (also has many characteristics of a Great Horned Owl) by New Jersey Decoy and Folk Art Carver Russ Allen. Russ is considered one of the Best Decoy and Antique Restorers in the Country, and creates some Incredibly Fine Folk Art. This Long Eared Owl is made from an Old Factory Decoy Body which then is Completely Recreated to Represent a Folk Art Vision of an Owl Decoy. A Face is Carved into the Decoy Body and then enhanced by a Great Degree of Carving Detail, Large Teddy Bear Glass Eyes, Leather Side Wings, Long Leather “Ear” Tuffs, and a Carved Black Beak, all of which creates a Multidimensional Sculpture. It is then Accented with an “Antiqued” Paint Finish. Russ adds a Leather tie on the Back for Wall Hanging or a Hole Drilled in the Bottom for an Iron Stand. Allen’s initials “RA” are branded into the back. Measurements: 15 ½” in height (including the stand); slightly under 6” in width and approximately 3 ½” in depth. This Long Eared Owl has a Very Appealing Look for the Folk Art Collector.

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Price $525 plus shipping



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