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Terrific 9” “Work Horse” Red and White Ice Spear Fishing Decoy by Louie Leech (1905-1982), Fairmont, Minnesota, circa 1950s-1960s. Leech made fish decoys from the 1950s to the end of his life, once he realized the demand for decoys that created real success. Using primarily a Red and White pattern, Leech would sprinkle glitter on his decoys which cause them to reflect light in the water. His earlier fish had White or Yellow Bead Eyes; whereas, his later decoys had tack eyes. Leech also stamped “LL’ on the bottom of his fish, more frequently on the later fish. This particular fish displays all the Classic Characteristics of Louie Leach Fish Decoys: A Red & White Pattern, Sprinkled Glitter Finish, Yellow Bead Eyes, and the Lack of “LL” Stamped on the Bottom, indicating an early decoy. See Donald Petersen’s Folk Art Fish Decoy for information on Louie Leech.  No Stand Included. Outstanding Example of a Well-Used Early Leech Fish Decoy.

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Early 8 ˝” Ice Spear Fishing Decoy by an Unknown Minnesota Decoy Maker, circa 1920s – 1930s. If you like the Early and Authentic Spearing Decoys, this is one to consider. I bought this fish many years ago from Art Kimball (now deceased) and still find it highly appealing, especially with regard to the history of spear fishing for the average man. It was clearly a Heavily Used War Horse in its time and displays an Early Working Fisherman’s Repaint and Continuous Wear. While it may have been a silver and red at some point, the Repaint gave it a Classic Red Head with a Brown Body and Yellow Spots, with areas still worn to the wood. It appears to have the Original Tack eyes, painted Blue at some point, and the Original Tin Fins, with the “Coffee Can” Tail Fin being most obvious, also repainted. While it carries its Original Inletted Lead Weight, it also has a Screw Eye Rig on the Bottom which may have been used for additional weight or for a “cheater” hook. Overall, the Age and Wear on this Fish makes it a Wonderful Antique Fish Decoy. Stand Not Included

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Price $165 plus shipping  SALE PRICE $125

Very Appealing 5” Smelt Ice Spear Fishing Decoy by Ernie Peterson (1935 – Present), Newberry/McMillan, Michigan, circa 1980s. Peterson has carved fish decoys off and on over his lifetime and this particular style of the Curved Wood Tail, Glass Eyes, and Initials under the Mouth are indicators of his work during the 1980s. Additionally, Detailed Carving and a Fine Paint Finish are apparent. This Fish is in Excellent Original Condition and is Carefully Portrayed. Please note that there is no stand included in a purchase.

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Price $145 plus shipping



Early 4” Primitive Minnow Spear Fishing Decoy by an Unknown Maker from Michigan, probably the Au Gres Area (see Kimballs’ The Fish Decoy, Vol. III, pg. 81), circa 1930s. This Minnow is Totally Hand Carved with a Wood Tail, Tin Fins and a Small Carved Mouth; it also has a cool little “Pig Tail” Tie Line and is Nicely Weighted. The Silver Paint of the Minnow appears to be Original, though there are remnants of Green Paint over the Silver on the Bottom. Worn to the Wood in Some Places, it was clearly a Heavily Used Fish Decoy. Stand Not Included. A Very Cool Fish, especially for Minnow Collectors.

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Price $85 plus shipping


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