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Wonderfully Animated Miniature Canada Geese Pair by Russ P. Burr (1887-1955), Hingham, Massachusetts, circa 1940s. Burr has been referred to as the “Master of Movement” because of his ability to create life-like miniature bird carvings. See Joe Ellis Birds in Wood and Paint. Burr also referred to himself as the “Whittler, Hingham, Mass.” This Pair is an Excellent Example of his “animation” with a Female on her Nest threatening a Male that presumably has come too close to her nest. The Detailed Carving of the Female with Her Out-Stretched Neck and Open Mouth, plus her Partially Raised Wings and Spread Tail makes clear her concern for the Nest. The Carving on the Male, while also Quite Detailed, is more Subdued as if More Curious than Threatening, or perhaps aware that the Female is Unhappy. Whatever the case, the Total Composition indicates that Russ Burr has a Complete Understanding of Canada Geese and has the Skills to Fully Represent their Behavior in Miniature Form. The Paint is in Near Excellent Original Condition with Minor Shelf Wear from Age. The Geese are Mounted on a Burl Base, typical of Burr’s Miniatures, and has his Stamp on the Bottom: “Russ P. Burr / Hingham, Mass.”. The Display measures 12” in length (the Geese range from 4” to 4 ½”), 4 ½” in width, and 4 ½” in height. An Excellent Miniature Display of Canada Geese by Russ Burr, Hingham, Massachusetts.

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Rare Pair of Sanderlings in Winter Plumage Standing on an Old Piece of Driftwood by Lloyd Johnson (1910 – 1965), Bay Head, New Jersey, circa 1950s. These Sanderlings, approximately three-quarter size, are carved in a fashion typical of these shorebirds wintering along the East coast in their search for food. The Paint is in Excellent Original Condition with an apparent oxidized paint on both shorebirds but with the feather features on one further enhanced, probably with the end tip of a brush, and the use of a thick paint. Each Bird is Signed on the Bottom "L. J." for Lloyd Johnson. Each shorebird is approximately 6” in length and 2” in width. The total presentation is 16” in length, 5” in width, and 5 ½” in height. A Wonderful Presentation of Winter Plumage Sanderlings by Lloyd Johnson.

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Price $625 plus shipping


Miniature Preening Snowy Egret by Frank J. Adamo (1944 – 2022), Pocasset, (Cape Cod), Massachusetts, circa Late 20th Century. Adamo was an Exceptional Self-Taught Artist, especially well-known for his excellent fish and bird carvings and his fine miniatures. Those of us who knew Frank found him to be a very warm and outgoing person, always ready to share his knowledge and graciousness with others. Ultimately, Frank will be remembered for the Quality of his Artistic Endeavors as represented in this instance by a Preening Snowy Egret Perched on a Carefully Selected Piece of Driftwood. This Carving displays a Diligent Attention to the Lines of a Feathered Bird, which while seen in the wild appears as a Beauty in Pure White, is now Finely Enhanced by not only the Cut of the Wood but also by the Bluish Tone of the White Paint to Catch the Character of the Bird. In addition, the Sculptural Form of the Egret with Wing Out, Head Turned Sharply Down, and Bill Slightly Open, creates a Dynamic Vision of Nature’s Way. Standing 10” high, 5” wide, and 4” deep, the Snowy Egret becomes a Sculptural Beauty. It is identified and Signed on the Driftwood Base.

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Price $775 plus shipping


Decorative Standing Hooded Merganser Drake with a Slightly Turned Head by John McLoughlin (1911 – 1985), Bordentown, New Jersey, circa 1960. John McLoughlin was a well-known decoy carver from Bordentown who started carving decoys early in life and advanced to decorative carving later in life. This Standing Merganser indicates that McLoughlin had a Complete Understanding of Waterfowl and a Desire to Aesthetically Represent the Beauty of this Species. The Hooded is Boldly Carved in a Standing Position with an Emphasis both on Form and Detail, and McLoughlin then further Enhances the Presentation with an Elaborate Paint Pattern. His Beautiful Vision of the Drake’s Raised Crest, the Carving of the Raised Primaries & Secondaries, plus the Detailed Tail Carving and Paint Pattern adds Emphasis to the Coloration that most often Attracts Viewers to the Hooded Merganser Drake. The Carving is 12” in length, 5” in width, and 12 ½” in height, including the Base, which is Fully Chip Carved. The Bottom of the Base is Signed: “John McLoughlin” and features some names of previous collectors. A Carving that Offers a Beautiful Vision of a Hooded Merganser.

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Price $1495 plus shipping


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