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An Appealing Composition of Three Carved Sandpipers Hunting for Food on a Driftwood Base by William (Bill) D. Keim (1899 – 1988) Neptune City, New Jersey, circa 1972. Bill Keim is often linked to Charlie Birdsall’s Point Pleasant, New Jersey, Wildfowler Decoy company as one of the major decoy painters for the company. His initials are often found under the bills of the most finely painted decoys by Wildfowler. In addition, though, he also carved and painted his own work identified by his name and Neptune or Neptune City on the base. This presentation is identified on the bottom as “Buff Breasted and Spotted Sandpipers” and includes Keim’s name and address. The Shorebirds are Carved and Placed in Various Positions as the birds may be found in the wild. Additionally, Keim has distinguished between the Buff Breasted in the Rear and the Sandpipers in the Front and Above by the Pattern of the Feathers Details and Coloration. Interestingly, an ardent bird watcher will notice that Keim has taken some liberties with some of the colors portrayed, though Keim was undoubtedly thinking about how one may see the birds in the field as less than accurate. The Composition is ultimately appealing in the Presentation of the Shorebirds in their Natural Environment. The Shorebirds measure around 7” in length, making them slightly under full size and the Total Presentation is approximately 15” wide, 10” deep and 9” high.   

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Price $375 plus shipping


Rare Pair of Sanderlings in Winter Plumage Standing on an Old Piece of Driftwood by Lloyd Johnson (1910 – 1965), Bay Head, New Jersey, circa 1950s. These Sanderlings, approximately three-quarter size, are carved in a fashion typical of these shorebirds wintering along the East coast in their search for food. The Paint is in Excellent Original Condition with an apparent oxidized paint on both shorebirds but with the feather features on one further enhanced, probably with the end tip of a brush, and the use of a thick paint. Each Bird is Signed on the Bottom "L. J." for Lloyd Johnson. Each shorebird is approximately 6” in length and 2” in width. The total presentation is 16” in length, 5” in width, and 5 ½” in height. A Wonderful Presentation of Winter Plumage Sanderlings by Lloyd Johnson.

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Price $625 plus shipping


Miniature Preening Snowy Egret by Frank J. Adamo (1944 – 2022), Pocasset, (Cape Cod), Massachusetts, circa Late 20th Century. Adamo was an Exceptional Self-Taught Artist, especially well-known for his excellent fish and bird carvings and his fine miniatures. Those of us who knew Frank found him to be a very warm and outgoing person, always ready to share his knowledge and graciousness with others. Ultimately, Frank will be remembered for the Quality of his Artistic Endeavors as represented in this instance by a Preening Snowy Egret Perched on a Carefully Selected Piece of Driftwood. This Carving displays a Diligent Attention to the Lines of a Feathered Bird, which while seen in the wild appears as a Beauty in Pure White, is now Finely Enhanced by not only the Cut of the Wood but also by the Bluish Tone of the White Paint to Catch the Character of the Bird. In addition, the Sculptural Form of the Egret with Wing Out, Head Turned Sharply Down, and Bill Slightly Open, creates a Dynamic Vision of Nature’s Way. Standing 10” high, 5” wide, and 4” deep, the Snowy Egret becomes a Sculptural Beauty. It is identified and Signed on the Driftwood Base.

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Price $775 plus shipping


A Decorative Sleeping Dunlin Shorebird Decoy in Spring Plumage by Anthony Hillman, Seaville, New Jersey, circa 2010. Hillman is a noted New Jersey carver and author of numerous books on decoy/bird carving now living in Cape May Court House, New Jersey. Hillman has done an Outstanding Job creating a Variety of Shorebird Carvings over the years this Dunlin is Exceptional. It is a Classic Dunlin in a Sleeping Position, Fully Embellished with Feather Paint Pattern of the Shorebird in Spring Plumage. Moreover, the Decoy quite accurately represents the Field Marks of the Dunlin in Spring.  Signed and Dated under the Tail “Anthoney Hillman / 2010”. Measurements: 6” in length, 2” in width, and 5 ¼” in height, including the stand. A Beautiful Bird in a Beautiful Pose.

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Price $275 plus shipping


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