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Raven’s Way is quite pleased to offer an Exceptionally Well Carved Clapper Rail by William (Bill) D. Keim (1899 – 1988) Neptune City, New Jersey, circa 1979. Bill Keim is often linked to Charlie Birdsall’s Point Pleasant, New Jersey, Wildfowler Decoy company as one of the major decoy painters for the company. His initials are often found under the bills of the most finely painted decoys by Wildfowler. In addition, though, he also carved and painted his own work identified by his name and Neptune on the base. This Exceptionally Carved and Painted Clapper Rail is approximately a ¾ sized presentation. The Rail is Quite Animated in its Composition with the Metal Legs Climbing Over a Piece of Drift Wood, an Open Mouth suggesting it is Calling, Glass Eyes, Highly Detailed Raised Wing and Feather Carving creating a Fully Multidimensional Vision of the Clapper. This piece was carved for a Mrs. Ward and has been retained in a private collection. The Rail is 11” in length, stands 11” in height, and 2 ¾” in width; the total piece is 13 ½” in height and the drift wood is 13” wide. An Excellent Example of the Clapper Rail by Bill Keim.

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Price $375 plus shipping


Miniature Cock Pheasant by George Strunk, Glendora, New Jersey. Strunk is considered one of Quality Carvers from New Jersey and has received considerable attention from the Decoy Community and the Media. Much of his Larger Works are done on a Consignment basis and his Miniatures are increasingly in demand. This Cock Pheasant is a Prime Example of Strunk’s Ability to take a Miniature Carving and Add Elaborate Elements of Line and Paint Detail. The Chipped Carved Base is Undoubted Influenced by Early Elmer Crowell Miniatures and Enhance the Presentation of the Bird. Measurements: 6” in length, 1 ¾” in width (base just slightly larger), and 3 ½” in height. (Please note that the dark area on the breast in the last photo is caused by a shadow.) A Fine Addition for a Miniature Collector or an Accent to an Antique Box.

(DX1627)   Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for further information.

Price $275 plus shipping


Miniature “Lothrop Holmes” Style Split Tail Golden Plover Shorebird Decoy by Frank J. Adamo, Pocasset, Massachusetts, circa Late 20th Century. Frank is one of the Finer Carver/Artist on the Cape who is no longer carving but continues his Exceptional Wildlife Art. This Miniature Plover display Original Paint with an “Aged” Finish. It also has Tiny Glass Eyes. It is Signed on the Bottom of the Base: “Lothrop Holmes / Golden Plover / F J Adamo”. Measurements: 5 ½” in length, 1 ¾” in width, and 5 1/8” in height, including the stand. A Neat Little Plover for a Miniature Collection.

(DX1644)  Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for further information.

Price $185 plus shipping


Wonderful Miniature Sleeping Black Duck Decoy by Steve Weaver, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, circa 2005. Weaver is an Exceptional Carver of Miniature Birds and Decoys, along with Some Full-Sized Decoys and Bird Paintings. This particular carving is “Inspired” by the work of Shang Wheeler (an early Connecticut carver) and Praised by Steve’s friend Keith Mueller (a Very Well-Known Connecticut Carver and Artist). The Little 4” Miniature is Delicately Carved and Subtly Painted, reflecting the Close Attention Steve gives to his work. The Photographs presented are slightly enhanced to provide some view of the quality of his work, but the decoy is much more subtle in its presentation when held in hand or on display. On the Bottom Steve has written: “Shang Wheeler inspired Black Duck” and Signed: Steven A. Weaver / Cape Cod / SAW.” The Miniature is in Mint Condition and Purchased directly from Steve for my collection some years back.

(DX1626)  Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for further information.

Price $350 plus shipping


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