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Raven’s Way is pleased to offer an Historically Important Pair of Eider Decoys by Pennell Alexander (1811 – 1890), Harpswell, Maine, circa 1850s – 1860s. Pennell Alexander was is often referred to as “Phineas” in previous decoy history, though research on Ancestry indicates his first name was Pennell. Pennell was the son of Isaac Alexander and Mary “Pennell” Alexander. It was Isaac who crafted the Original Pattern of the Alexander Decoys, followed by Thomas Alexander, and continued by Pennell Alexander. Though there are some variations over time, the Alexander family decoys have a fairly consistent Form and Paint Pattern. This particular Pair of Eider Decoys display their lengthy history as Working Decoys of the Alexander Family with the wear and tear of the years. The Hen still displays Good Original Paint, Fine Bill Carving with Nostrils, and Excellent Form. A crack in the head and Neck and chips to the body show its age and use. (We believe the carved eyes are unique to this decoy; perhaps added at some point, because other Alexander decoys appear not to display this feature.) The Drake has clearly had a rougher time. It displays a Mix of Original Paint and Worn Working Repaint, the same Quality Bill Carving as the Hen and an Excellent Form. Yet, the Head appears to have been partially broken off and reset at some point and the shot scares to the head may suggest what happened. It also displays a drying crack to the top of the body. The decoys measure approximately 17 ˝” in length, 8” in width, and 7 ˝” in height (the Hen is slightly smaller). Both retain the carved "PA" on the Bottom. This Pair of Decoys is a Fine Representation of the Eider Decoys created by Pennell Alexander and the Alexander Family.(DX747)  Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information. SOLD

Hollow Carved Common Loon Decoy by Reggie Birch, Chincoteague, Virginia, circa 2018. Birch is most noted is his work with “patina,” something that he gained from the study of old decoys, but he also has an incredible Sense of Form. This Loon provides an emphasis to Form: the Full Body of a Large Bird, the Mold of the Secondaries enhancing the Sides, the Raised Carved Primary Feathers followed by an Extended Carved Tail, the Slightly Turned Head and Detailed Bill Carving and Bold Glass Eyes, all distinguish the element of form. The Paint Pattern, Slightly Aged, is Quite Bold and Yet Detailed – the Nature of the Common Loon. Measurements: 28” in length, 9” in width, and 9” in height. It is Signed and Dated on the Bottom. A Splendid Example of the Common Loon Decoy.

(DX735)  Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information.

Price $675 plus shipping

Early Hollow Carved Atlantic Brant by Jack Inman (Attributed), Bay Head, New Jersey, circa 1880 – 1890. This wonderful old Brant has a Nice Restored Paint Pattern over coats of Working Repaint. There is a Neck Crack which is Stable and Typical Gunning Wear. The Decoy has an External Weight on the Bottom, and Two Brands from the Head of the Bay: “D.C.V.” and a less clear “C.C.C.” (someone should be able to identify the correct brand) with the paint cleaned out. The Brant displays Terrific Coastal New Jersey Form and Serious Age. Measurements: 17” in length, 6” in width, and 8 ˝” in height, no stand necessary. A Fine Old New Jersey Brant.

(DX724)    Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information.



Super Snuggle Head Old Squaw (Long Tailed Duck) Drake Decoy by Stephen Brettell, Biddeford, Maine, circa 1990. Brettell is a licensed Coast Guard Captain and Registered Maine Guide who specializes in guiding stripper fishing and sea duck hunts. He has also been carving waterfowl decoys for his sea duck hunts and this decoy is a prime example of his work. Steve’s emphasis is on Form and the Desire to make the Decoy look Natural on the water. This Old Squaw has a Nice Bold Breast with a Snuggle Head and a Sleek Elongated Form leading out to the Classic Tail. The Paint is All Original with the Old Squaw’s Natural Feathering represented in Excellent, almost abstract, Form. While the Decoy was made for Hunting, it apparently never left the shelf and has only Minor Shelf Wear with Signs of Puppy Chew on the End of the Tail, and a Some Very Tiny Paint Spots. Signed on the Bottom: “Stephen Brettell / Old Squaw / 1990.” Measurements: 16” in length, 5 ˝” in width, and 6” in height. Old Squaws are Very Appealing on the Water or on the Shelf.

(DX748)   Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information.

Price $450 plus shipping

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